Indonesia on wheels

A look at some or the unique and wonderful forms of transportation around Indonesia


Quite what has inspired Indonesia’s love affair with small wheels will probably remain a mystery but it seems as though the country has embraced the modest wheeled vehicle like no other. Many countries have their iconic forms of transport: jeepneys in the Philipines; decorated trucks in Pakistan and the London Bus, just to name a few, but Indonesia has adapted bicycles and motor bikes to perform a whole range of functions.

Come rain or shine the food will come to you Come rain or shine the food will come to you

You won’t get very far, anywhere in the country before you find someone selling food in the street from some kind of wheeled device. Some are powered by motor or pedals and others are simply pushed but all have honed the efficiency of food production in a microscopic area down to a fine art. Usually concentrating on doing just one dish, maybe with slight variations, you can be…

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