About Derek

▸ So Who Is This Derek4Real Cat?

Hmmm, how would you describe Derek? Well, he doesn’t pay me for this work, so that says something at least. 😉

When asked, Derek usually describes himself as a cultural enthusiast and lifelong traveler. He has proudly come to embrace the fact that he is happier exploring a foreign country and sleeping in a hostel or with a random host family than back home at his house in Austin, Texas curled up in bed with the mrs. Some might say that is a bad thing but others believe life is worth living, so get up off your couch! You can always settle down and start a family when you are older and more knowledgeable on the world.

If you make the mistake of asking Derek why he travels, invariably the first thing he will do is quote back to you a few lines from the song Circle Of Life, by Elton John. I bet you probably even know it just by name, it’s that song from Disney’s The Lion King: “There is more to see, than can ever be seen; More to do, than can ever be done; …” That right there says it all.

Well, that’s all he emailed me. If you want to contact him, check out the contact page.


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