A dog is for lunch, not just for Christmas

While you’re eating Cristmas dinner take a look at the exotic and taboo animals my buddy Graham and I have been eating. Bats, snakes, dog and yes even cow penis, there is nothing we won’t try — and only a few species we have not been able to find yet. Warning: you may be disgusted. So take a look after dinner and not before.


Tis the season of good cheer to all God’s creatures, or at least that is what the Christmas card manufacturers would like us to believe. However, as you are probably aware by now, I am that nagging voice in a dark corner of the travel blogging world, reminding you that things aren’t always as nice as the travel brochures want you to think. So, I hope you have fully digested  your Christmas dinner and are sitting comfortably. Let me take you to the Tomohon meat market in northern Sulawesi.

You know you are in for a treat when this is the sign beckoning you You know you are in for a treat when this is the sign beckoning you

Meat markets away from our own sanitized world often do little to disguise the chain of events from an animal in a field to what eventually sits on our plate. The industry would rather disguise the process with cartoons of happy creatures only too happy to…

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