4 Weeks to Prepare for a 4-Year RTW Adventure. Oh crap.

That’s right, in just one month I will bid adieu to my house in Austin and embark on my longest and greatest adventure yet. No more ‘six weeks in this country’ or ‘six months on the road,’ this time it’s the infamous “sell all my possessions and buy a one-way ticket” scenario.

The wild part is that I only decided all of this only 96 hours ago.

But how? Why? Well as some of you many know, after returning from Central America back in 2011 I purchased my first house. Ever since the mortgage and other responsibilities have kept me either returning to the states every other country or limited me to doing sporadic USA road trips. It’s been fun, sure, but not as exciting as an open-ended adventure halfway around the world.

Now that I’ve found a family to rent the place out it’s time to hit the road again, this time for good. Unfortunately this whole this is progressing a little faster than expected…

I only have a mere four weeks to plan an RTW adventure
that most usually spend six months or more organizing!

Hooray for me…??

Full Post @ blog.theHoliDaze.com


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