Travel Wisdom: 4 Years & 16 Countries Later…

What’s the difference between a tourist and a traveler? Tourists are only on vacation while a true traveler is in it for the learning and the experience. And after four-and-a-half years and 16 countries, I’ve learned a few things.

What have you learned while traveling? Don’t forget to share your advice below.


When on a road trip it is important to remember that roads are not required. Abandoning them often starts the real adventure.

Just be sure to have a trusty GPS with you. My Nuvi has racked up nearly 150,000 miles and counting.

Living life the unexpected way is always better than living a predictable life.

Don’t be so focused on plans, itineraries, and schedules, just go with the flow. Trust me, that’s when the real adventures start to happen. I once left for a weekend trip that turned into a six-month 32-state cross-country USA road trip.

The Future Bus

From my six-month hippie road trip. Our group of ragtag derelicts numbered an even dozen by the time the Future Bus pulled in to Nashville.

Sometimes you must get lost to find yourself, even if its just in a parking lot.

Throw out the map! Just don’t throw out your common sense.

If you ever come across something that you are uncertain about doing (or eating), drink a few beers first and then go for it.

Don’t be a victim of your own ignorance and/or fear, just go for it! Not only will it make a great story but look at it this way: whether it goes good or bad, given enough time everything becomes funny in hindsight.

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