So Just Who Is This Derek4Real Cat?


Yeah, I’ve heard it all before.. “oh man Blow is such a great movie!” or “hehe so are you like that guy from that movie?” or “wait, so you’re named after a pedo?” or any one of a hundred other variations. But as repetition bores me I’m tired of hearing the same questions over and over. So let’s get everything out in the open now:

I’ll be honest, Freal is not my last name.

It is an assumed name that I took years after I’d been handed the Derek4Real moniker in order to explain the ‘4Real’ without having to mention the movie Blow.

Where does the 4Real nickname come from? Well it kind of came from the mystique around myself and my past. I didn’t like the last name I was born with. It’s like Schwarzenegger only German. Nasty stuff. Impossible to pronounce correctly by others. In fact there are only a cpl dozen people in the world w/ that last name, all estranged family back in Germany many generations separated. I myself am what you would call ‘Gott och Blandat.’ That’s Swedish but roughly translated it means ‘yummy and mixed’ (and damn I am just now realizing that this line works better on women than it does when typed out…oops).

Derek4Real and the ladies

Every man has a weakness. Can you guess what mine is?

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